Saturday, March 04, 2006

Questions for the LPC

WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING SO LONG TO ELECT A NEW LEADER!!!!! I mean what the hell are you guys thinking!!!! The Con's government will most likely fall this year and now you are going to hold the elections for the leadership of the party in 2007??? I love the Grits and all but this is just plain retarded.

The Liberals are starting to test the leadership waters today in Nova Scotia at the annual NS Liberal meeting. I have no issue with them testing the waters, as you get a bit of an understanding on what your chances are but why the hell is the LPC waiting to elect the new leader. With the LPC divided right now, there is no stability and the people won't rally behind us. With all the crap that The Harp has done to this point, an election will be inevitable and the LPC will be calling a leadership election in November or February 2007?? The Grits really need to get their heads back into the game and start the leadership ball rolling already. Not only get the leadership ball started, but leave the leadership candidacy open for anyone to run without a large admin fee. The Liberals need a new blood and new life and we need someone who will rally the people together. I still nominate myself, but as I stated earlier, the whole money issue just makes it too bloody unlikely that I will be able to do it for at least 10 years.

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